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We Are Snuggle Gully

Locally-owned family business


Our Story

I always wanted to wear our babies. I don't know where that came from but I did. However I didn't know anything about it. I went with the safe option (at the time in my mind) and wore our daughter till she was 18 months old in a narrow based carrier while we were living the expat life and spending fair bit of time at the airports.

Our expat life took us to Nigeria. I think that was the turning point. We came back to Australia, I got pregnant and I said "now bring on the wraps" I carried the mental notes, the pictures of women and babies from Nigeria to Australia. I read a lot, learnt more, I saw more and I wasn't scared of using a wrap or a sling.
That was it.
That was the time that I fell into the rabbit hole and I am glad I did. Still wearing my 2 year old toddler almost every day. We have used stretchy slings, woven wraps, ring slings, meh dais and full buckle carriers.
It wasn't enough. I wanted to share more and I wanted other mums to feel what I feel.
That was Snuggle Gully in the make. 

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