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Neko Switch - Adjustable Full Buckle Carrier

Neko Switch is the latest addition to Neko Slings family. It is adjustable wrap conversion full buckle carrier. After countless trials, lots of testing and regarding the needs of babywearers Neko Slings finally announced Switch and Snuggle Gully added both baby and toddler (upto pre-schooler) sizes into its stocks.

Baby size can be used from birth (3,5kg) till approximately 2yrs.

Toddler size can be used until your child is a pre-schooler.

"All you have to do is adjust the panel width via snaps. You should adjust the height with PFA's (perfect fit adjusters) and pull drawstrings at both sides of the carrier.

Neko Switch can be used from birth so it is critical to adjust the carrier's panel in order to keep baby's head closer to parents / carer so his / her chin wouldn't drop onto his / her chest and Neko Switch can be used safely. Drawstrings needs to be used for that reason.

Product Features:

  • %100 biocotton. Extra soft woven wrap fabric gives luxury feeling.

  • Fully wrap conversion soft structured carrier.

  • Two buckle adjustments. One is above the waistband and used for babies between 0-6 months to protect the natural curve of baby's back (C curve) The other buckle is hidden on the sides of the panel and used after 6+ months.

  • Stylish and aesthetic design - unused buckle folds away practically and easily into its designated pocket. So there will be no buckles dangling when not used.

  • Removable teething pads and removable hood.

  • Padded leg openings as below;

  • Panel width: from 14 to 40 cm

  • Panel height: from 29 to 41 cm

  • Waistband measures from 66 to145 cm

  • High density shoulder foam and strong waistband support create perfect comfort for both mother and baby.

  • Front and back carry. Baby should face her / his parents / carer with both carry options. Shoulder straps may also be used as crossed at the back.

  • Used the best quality accessories like we have been doing with all our carriers such as Duraflex buckle clips (waistband & chest) plus YKK for all other parts.

  • Machine Washable (cool), do all the buckles up and do not use optical brightener or fabric softener to keep the quality of the fibres in place."

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